Independent Student Research

If you are interested in taking one of these courses, email me:

khyrenbach (at) hpu (dot) edu





NSCI 3950

An introductory research experience for students interested in working on special topics under the direction of a science faculty mentor.  Students participate in field or laboratory research and maintain a research log (1 credit, Pass / Fail).



Senior practicum opportunity in marine science, biology and environmental studies. Students conduct their own independent research project (3 credits, lettergrade) and produce a paper and log book.


This course is designed to help graduate students to outline and refine their research proposal or the collection and analysis of data for use in their MSMS dissertation.


NSCI 7000

This course serves as a capstone course for the MSMS program. Students enrolled in this course will work closely with the instructor to improve their scientific writing skills. During this course students will develop a written thesis that describes their research in standard scientific format. Students are expected to enroll in this course as approved by the student's thesis committee.



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