Last Updated July 2016

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Our lab's research focuses on three main avenues:


David's Research

Monitoring urban Wedge-tailed Shearwaters at the Freeman Seabird Preserve, O'ahu

Shearwater fallout along the Kalaniana'ole Highway, O'ahu

Seabird associations with subsurface predators in Hawai'i: a stable isotopic perspective


Student Research

Sarah Youngren - Plastic ingestion by Tristram's Storm-petrels from Tern Island

Dan Rapp - Plastic ingestion by seabirds breeding at Tern Island

Catherine Pham - Seabird Communities of the northern Bering and the Chukchi Seas

Sarah Donahue - Foraging ecology of red-footed boobies from Ulupau Crater, O'ahu

Matt Dwyer - Plastic ingestion by adult Wedge-tailed Shearwaters from O'ahu

Katie Page - Plastic ingestion and diet of predatory fishes around O'ahu


Collaborative Projects


Applied California Current Ecosystem Studies (ACCESS)


Biological Indicators of Ocean Plastic Pollution (BioPs)


Seabid Necropsy Program at Oceanic Institute







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