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Dr. David Hyrenbach


AC 249, HLC

EMSB, Oceanic Institute


(808) 236-3563

Office Hours:

HLC: Tu & Th; 10:45 - 12:00

OI: Tu & Th; 12:00 - 13:00


or by appointment at EMSB, OI


Course Readings

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Week 1 - Course Introduction and Foundations

Task for this Week: Review Geophysical Principles


Lecture 1: Monday Aug. 26

Extra Readings



Lecture 2: Wednesday Aug. 28

Assigned Readings






Week 2 - Introduction to Hydrography

Task for this Week: Review Water Properties


Lecture 3: Wednesday Sept. 4


Overview of Physical Water Properties

Background Handouts




Assigned Readings


Pickard & Emery




Week 3 - Hydrography

Task for this Week: Review Water Property Distributions


Lecture 4A: Monday Sept. 9


Lecture 4B: Wednesday Sept. 11


Physical Water Property Distributions - Salinity, Oxygen and Nutrients



Week 4 - The Earth's Heat Budget

Task for this Week: Overview of the Oceanic Heat Budget


Lecture 5A: Monday Sept. 16


The Atmosphere and the Global Heat Budget


Assigned Readings






Lecture 5B: Wednesday Sept. 18


Quiz #1

Assigned Readings






Week 5 - The Forces Acting on The Water

Task for this Week: Overview of the Ocean Heat Budget


Lecture 6A: Monday Sept. 23


The Oceanic Heat Budget


Assigned Readings





Lecture 6B: Wednesday Sept. 25


Global Oceanic Warming


Assigned Readings







Week 6 - Forces and Equations

Task for this Week: Overview of Water Flow



Lecture 7A: Monday Sept. 30


Assigned Readings





Lecture 7B: Wednesday Oct. 2




Week 7 - Equations of Motion

Task for this Week: Overview of the Equations of Motion



Lecture 8A: Monday Oct. 7


Lecture 8B: Wednesday Oct. 9




Week 8 - Wind-driven Circulation

Task for this Week: Overview of Wind Forcing


Lecture 9A: Monday Oct. 14


Lecture 9B: Wednesday Oct. 16

Assigned Readings





Week 9 - Regional Oceanography

Task for this Week: Overview of Regional Oceanography


Lecture 10: Monday Oct. 21


Guest Lecture : Wednesday Oct. 23


Guest Speaker: Regional Hawaii Circulation

(Dr. Sam Kahng)



Week 10 - Overview of Geostrophic Flow

Task for this Week: Equatorial Circulation and Boundary Currents


Lecture 11A: Monday Oct. 28


Lecture 11B: Wednesday Oct. 30



Week 11 - Overview of Regional Ocean Circulation

Task for this Week: Circulation Around Subtropical Gyres


Midterm Exam I: Wednesday Nov 6


Covers The Following Material:

Through Lecture 10 (Oct 21)

Homeworks 1, 2, and 3

Quizzes 1 and 2

Required Readings


Week 12 - Overview of Global Circulation

Task for this Week: Thermohaline Circulation


NO CLASS - Monday Nov. 11



Lecture 14: Wednesday Nov. 13


Thermohaline Circulation




Student Paper Discussions



Week 13 - Overview of Waves

Task for this Week: Overview of Waves


Lecture 14: Wednesday Nov. 18


Surface Waves

Student Paper Discussions


Lecture 15: Wednesday Nov. 20



Week 14 - Thermohaline Circulation

Task for this Week: Tides


Lecture 16: Monday Nov. 25



Student Paper Discussions


Midterm Exam II: Wednesday Nov. 27


Covers The Following Material:

From Lecture 11 (Oct 23)

To Lecture 16 (Nov 25)

Required Readings


Week 15 - Finals' Week

Monday Dec. 2

(10.30 - 12.30)


Literature Review Presentations


Eliott Meijer
Coral Boundary Layers
Daniel Thai
Humboldt Squid Movements and O2 Minimum Zones
Sarah Springer
Shark Movements and Water Column Structure
Andrew Bayne
Seaturtle Migration Routes and Eddies
Tim Alonzo
ENSO and Tuna Fisheries
Cherise Spotkaef
Hydrothermal Flow in the Oceanic Basement
Tori Wolters
Sea Level Rise Effects on Mangroves




Thursday Dec. 5


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