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Last Updated September 17, 2018

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Presentation Title
Learn More About The Topic
8 / 30

Cassie Pardee

& John Wiley

Poseidon Fisheries Research


Post-Release Mortality in the Hawaiian Kona Crab Fishery
9 / 6

Jennifer Lynch

National Institute of Standards and Technology


Marine debris research: an expanding collaboration between HPU and NIST
9 / 13

Richard Kevorkian

University of Tennessee


Serpentinization; oases in an ocean desert?
9 / 20

Lars Bejder

UH Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology


Integrating innovative technologies and traditional approaches to study resident and migratory cetaceans and to inform management
9 / 27

Camryn Allen

NOAA Marine Turtle Biology and Assessment Program


Feminization of green sea turtle foraging aggregations in the Pacific: establishing foraging ground sex ratios for climate change research
10 / 4

Jim Potemra

UH International Pacific Research Center


Estimation of near-shore flows from indirect observations

10 / 11

Robin Baird

Cascadia Research Collective


Research and management of an endangered cetacean: false killer whales in Hawai’i

10 / 18

Daniel Coffey

UH Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology


Revealing the spatial dynamics and behavior of sharks in Hawaii
10 / 25

Shannon Lyday

NOAA NMFS Habitat Conservation Division


Habitat Science and Conservation in West Hawaii
11 / 1


Jason Mehlinger

Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit.
Division of Aquatic Resources

Is that coral sick? Reporting aquatic threats with Eyes on Reef (EOR)

11 / 8

Brenda Asuncion

Loko I'a Coordinator at Kua'aina Ulu 'Auamo


Kulana Noi‘i: building and sustaining long-term relationships between communities and researchers

11 / 15

Shellie Habel

Coastal Lands Program. Hawai'i Sea Grant and Department of Land and Natural Resources


Sailing into the cryptic: a voyage through the topic of sea level rise
11 / 29

Megan Donahue

UH Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology


Fore-C:  Forecasting coral disease outbreaks in the tropical Pacific


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