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Last Updated April 15, 2014

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Our lab focuses on the ecology and conservation of large marine vertebrates

(seabirds, mammals, turtles).

Our applied research seeks to incorporate an understanding of natural history and oceanography into the design of management strategies for highly mobile species and their dynamic habitats.

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Shearwater Field Season

Pelagicos lab continues to work with Hawai’i Audubon to restore and monitor the Freeman Seabird Preserve at Blackpoint, O'ahu

Breeding wedge-tailed shearwaters started returning to the Freeman Seabird Preserve.

For the sixth year in a row, the pelagicos lab will monitor chick hatching, survivorship and growth from mid-July to mid-December.

Current predictions for El Niño conditions (50% probability), neutral (40% probability), and La Niña conditions (10% probability) during the chick provisioning season (August – December), suggest this will be an average to poor year for breeding shearwaters.


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